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One Lovely Blog Award

lovely blog award

  Being fairly new to the blogosphere, I was pleasantly surprised when Jas from all-thats-jas nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I didn’t came across this kind of posts earlier, but as I see, the whole idea behind it is to introduce people to some of the blogs you love to visit, and to share some of your quirky, personal things. And as a nominee who accepts this award, I should: thank the Jas for putting me on her list among the other great blogs, add the One Lovely Blog logo to the post, write 7 things about myself, make a list of 15 blogs that I find lovely …

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Shiitake Mushrooms

(lat. Lentinus Edodes) When we hear the word shiitake, we all somehow know that it’s related to our health and well-being. And that’s true, while shiitake is a Japanese word used for one of the few truly unique superfood in form of a mushroom, and its great secret lies in an ability to feed itself with various nutrients from a bark of a shii tree (Castanopsis cuspidata) rather than a soil, and because of that the original taste of these mushrooms cannot be compared to any other food item found on our beautiful planet. Shiitake mushrooms grow naturally throughout Southeast Asia, where they have been known as a food and …

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