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Raw Blackberry Flaxseed Jam

no sugar blackberry jam recipe

During the last autumn berry season, I found an interesting jam recipe posted by a lovely couple on their blog called Food view Berlin. It was fascinating for me to discover that this recipe doesn’t include any cooking or artificial thickeners like traditional jams do, and also it has no sugar – just a few ingredients that need to be grinded, mashed and mixed together, and after just a couple of hours this jam can be the main filling for your morning pancakes or thick spread on a favorite muffin. Although the recipe from the blog foodviewberlin uses raspberries as a main ingredient, I instantly thought on my blackberry bush, …

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Vegan Sour Cherry Strudel

healthy sour cherry pie

When the springtime is gently turning into the first real hot days of summer (hot in all-day-barefoot way), and the trees decide to change their enchanting flowers into the first voluptuous fruits, everyone knows that’s the time for a first true treat made from the fresh sour cherries. At least it was the case (still is) in my entire life, and I guess in the lives of many Europeans – especially in Hungary and Austria, where bakeries and coffee shops are famous for this kind of delicacy. Its name is the sour cherry strudel. Germans call it Weichselstrudel, and Hungarians Meggyes Rétes. Many cooks that I know make it with …

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Baked Sauerkraut with Brown Rice and Prunes

Our life paths and most of our achievements are shaped in early stage of our life, and the country we are born in can ease our progress, or make our life challenging. Growing up in Germany had many advantages and even more peculiarities. My childhood was nice, filled with good people who made me apple pies, nutella bread or my all time favorite Die Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte dessert. I mean, as all other kids in the world, I loved all things sprinkled with sugar or covered with chocolate, so when early winter came, my parents had trouble to make me even sit down at the table when some acidic meal was …

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Peanut Sweet Corn Rice Salad

basmati rice salad

It feels good to wake up in the morning during the spring, summer or autumn, pick up some goodies in your small garden or take a bike ride for a quick stop to your local market and few minutes later, while whistling your favorite song (in my case a few repetitive notes from enchanting My Sister by Tindersticks these days) and make a huge, colorful and refreshing vegan salad, which will substitute your whole meal. During the winter, though, it’s kind of a challenge to come up with a perfect salad recipe. But I love challenges, so a few years back I started to improve my winter salad selection and …

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Lemon Balm Zucchini Soup

dill zucchini soup

Creamy zucchini soup is something every household with at least one zucchini plant makes frequently during summer months – or it should be. You don’t even have to own a garden, it is enough to have a friend or neighbor with zucchini craze, and you will have a few zucchinis weekly on your table, I’m sure. This is because one humble plant produces abundance of zucchinis if there are enough sunny days in your part of the world. Italians have great climate for zucchini’s growth and I think they are the ones that invented this type of soup many moons ago ;) I suppose some gardener just looked around his …

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Mushroom Goulash

Over the last few years I have tried many mushroom goulash recipes, and to be honest, none of them buzzed my taste buds. Some of them were nice and creamy, but I made it all just once, and didn’t have the urge to make them again. But, one cold, rainy afternoon, I looked into my pantry, took various vegetables, spices and mushrooms with me to the kitchen and managed to combine this dish, which can be categorized as the perfect vegan mushroom recipe for the rainy days. Now, this recipe is a little bit more complicated than usual goulashes, but that’s just because it contains a little bit more ingredients. …

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Vegan Potato Macaroni

Although we are living in time of abundance and luxury, simple and time-tested treats are there for us, when we have no inspiration to create something new, or just simply want to enjoy something delicious we know from the childhood – just like this vegan potato macaroni recipe in my case. This humble dish has been in my family for generations. My great grandmother made it, my grandmother and mother made it, and I also love to make it when the cold months settle in. It is really a simple recipe; just a few ingredients combined in a perfect way, so I am pretty sure, you will love to make …

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Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

healthy homemade truffles

There is no doubt – all the people love to eat chocolate truffles, and when you offer them your healthy homemade truffles they will easily go for the second and third delicious delight, while sipping a cup of coffee – even if they are on a diet. ;) Chocolate truffles are very easy to make – well, at least these chocolate hazelnut truffles are. You don’t have to bake them, you just need to mix all the ingredients together and roll the ball. So, even if you haven’t done one single dessert by yourself yet, you could make these hazelnut balls like a pro. Also, you can make the mixture, …

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Beet Juice

A small, humble and perfectly red vegetable from the title of this recipe is one of my favorite whole year round veggie beauties. I think there is not a single negative thing about the beetroot – quite in contrary. Beet has sooo much good stuff in it; it’s whole eatable; while it grows in your garden, it requires almost no attention, and my favorite part when talking about the beet is that it has some very nice stories and legends stacked to its name. Very long time ago beet was actually a seabeet, growing in Mediterranean area and people ate only its leaves. A legend says that when the Apollo …

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Vegan Birthday Cake

layered vegan cake

Among all silly and quirky traditions in our lives, I think that only birthday somehow doesn’t lose its sparkles from the birth until our golden years :) So, even if we have some nice celebration with tea cookies on the table, a few brunches while munching the best thumbprint cookies, or even the craziest parties with lots of finger foods, jelly shots and rainbow colored pies, there’s just one super special day in a year for all of us, when all our loved people, closest family members and oldest friends gather, bringing you joy, some nice presents, with the best wishes and a sweet tooth turned on. And that’s the …

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