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Vegan Potato Macaroni

Although we are living in time of abundance and luxury, simple and time-tested treats are there for us, when we have no inspiration to create something new, or just simply want to enjoy something delicious we know from the childhood – just like this vegan potato macaroni recipe in my case. This humble dish has been in my family for generations. My great grandmother made it, my grandmother and mother made it, and I also love to make it when the cold months settle in. It is really a simple recipe; just a few ingredients combined in a perfect way, so I am pretty sure, you will love to make …

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Russian Salad Olivier

I always liked stories about dishes I prepare, because most of them are simple, warm and can lift up the atmosphere at your dining table. However, this Russian salad Olivier is a delicious treat, not only for its ingredients, but also for the affairs and intrigue that follows it. The story has twists and turns, like in some mini crime novel, and it initially took place in the nineteenth century in Russia. Prior to the 19th century, salad was not a common dish in Russia; people ate vegetables in soups and side dishes until few nobles from Moscow began to hire French chefs to cook for them. One of those …

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Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

healthy homemade truffles

There is no doubt – all the people love to eat chocolate truffles, and when you offer them your healthy homemade truffles they will easily go for the second and third delicious delight, while sipping a cup of coffee – even if they are on a diet. ;) Chocolate truffles are very easy to make – well, at least these chocolate hazelnut truffles are. You don’t have to bake them, you just need to mix all the ingredients together and roll the ball. So, even if you haven’t done one single dessert by yourself yet, you could make these hazelnut balls like a pro. Also, you can make the mixture, …

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Beet Juice

A small, humble and perfectly red vegetable from the title of this recipe is one of my favorite whole year round veggie beauties. I think there is not a single negative thing about the beetroot – quite in contrary. Beet has sooo much good stuff in it; it’s whole eatable; while it grows in your garden, it requires almost no attention, and my favorite part when talking about the beet is that it has some very nice stories and legends stacked to its name. Very long time ago beet was actually a seabeet, growing in Mediterranean area and people ate only its leaves. A legend says that when the Apollo …

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Rhubarb Mushroom Soup

With its big, fluffy leaves tucked in a bush, rhubarb is quite an interesting perennial plant, and in a way it is also a unique plant among all the other plants we use for cooking, because no other plant I can think of has only stalks eatable; some people consider it a vegetable, while in some countries it is classified as a fruit. Rhubarb is also one of those crazy plants that grow better in countries with colder climate, like Germany or Canada, where it is beautifying many garden corners and its distinctive zesty flavor enriches grandmothers’ cakes, muffins, pies and other desserts. Many of us had the privilege to …

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Vegan Birthday Cake

layered vegan cake

Among all silly and quirky traditions in our lives, I think that only birthday somehow doesn’t lose its sparkles from the birth until our golden years :) So, even if we have some nice celebration with tea cookies on the table, a few brunches while munching the best thumbprint cookies, or even the craziest parties with lots of finger foods, jelly shots and rainbow colored pies, there’s just one super special day in a year for all of us, when all our loved people, closest family members and oldest friends gather, bringing you joy, some nice presents, with the best wishes and a sweet tooth turned on. And that’s the …

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Corn Cabbage Salad

corn slaw

I make this light salad when in a hurry; when no inspiration – corn cabbage salad, even when something sometimes aches I turn to this salad, but most frequently when I feel like I should eat something nutritious and healthy, I take out a head of cabbage, sharp knife and start chopping. So, you guessed it, this cabbage corn salad is my favorite dish – well, one of many, but I do make it quite often. I make it so frequently that I don’t need measuring spoons anymore, and over the years I even developed a few versions of this salad. Three, more precisely. They are all nice, and they all have the same basic ingredients, and depending on the …

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Milk Soaked Chocolate Cake

I’ve just recently found out that one of my favorite songs Venus as a Boy was composed by Björk when she read the novel with the same title written by Luke Sutherland. I immediately started looking for this book on the internet, because I like Björk as an artist, and this came out to be a good recommendation. I liked her the first time I heard her on a radio as a kid. Although a pop musician, she has something unearthly in her enchanting voice, and I think, that if there are such creatures as fairies and elves, she could communicate with them through some of her songs. Anyway, there …

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Vegan Chickpea Curry

I wish it would snow. This thought slips into my mind often these days, almost every morning, especially when I’m opening my blinds, hoping to see the first snowflakes falling, all fluffy, huge and tender at the same time – just like the first snowflakes should be – making streets beautiful and festive, turning naked trees and bushes into divine ice sculptures, brightening entire town. Since I was a child, the snow meant joy to me – a simple equation. Maybe because I was born on one day in December, or maybe because I had (and have) a snow dog that becomes crazy active with the first cold days, who …

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Lentil Celery Cobbler

In my little universe, for the last couple of days a harsh wind fiddled with great joy, leaving the trees almost bare. It finally calmed down yesterday, and the moment I looked outside a window, I knew I will have to take care of a large amount of fallen leaves. And leaves were all kind of weary, faded out of their color – just like the last few November days. It’s not that I don’t like November, but frequently its mornings just don’t have strength to develop fully, and I got the feel that night is lurking from each darker corner, sipping the intensity out of the nature’s bright colors. …

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