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When we start with the preparation of canned food for the winter, we do not usually ask our self why. After all, we are living in a high-tech society and we have reached the stage of evolution when any kind of fresh food can be obtained any time of the day and throughout the whole year. But, the history of food tells us that since the ancient times, when the cultivation of plants began, people were trying to save some of the food for the winter months. And for few thousands of years, they sun dried their fruits and veggies. Back then, this was almost the only way to preserve the food, until mid of the nineteenth century, when one American invented marvelous thing – a screw-on lid for the glass jar. This invention was quickly accepted by the whole world, and since then, many beautiful and most delicious canned winter foods are preparing with joy. And even now, when the commercial canning products are available in almost each store, the homemade canning goods are still being made in our kitchens, because the commercial one cannot be compared to the homemade flavorful canning and pickling food – but only if you have a good canning, pickling or jamming recipes. If you have that, you can easily save many seasonal aromas in a glass jar for many months, or until the next harvest of the food you preserved.

In recipes from my canning and pickling section, I’ve tried to revive the most simplest and natural techniques, where no primer skills, or specialized equipment are necessary, just a good will, some fruits and veggies and few glass jars. Of course, for the best canning results one must try to purchase top quality fruits and vegetables. The best way to do that is to buy local, fresh, organic and ripe food. This way, you will obtain almost all valuable nutrients from the canned goodies. And since there are not any artificial preservatives in the recipes, you will be so proud of yourself, when you try some of the canned (or pickled, or jammed) goodies with your friend or family on some festive occasion. So, do not hesitate to try it, because canning can not be simpler follow the recipes in this website category.

Department of Agriculture do not recommends re-usage of the old pickle jars, although I do this on a regular basis. However, it is very important to check them thoroughly before usage.  Canning lids should be in perfect condition, and glass jars should be in perfect condition. Since the lids are not durable, many people buy metal lids each year, and they can be purchased separately for a very reasonable price, but when you decide to purchase it, try to find reusable canning lids, which are perfectly safe, can last for a long time, if used properly and this way you can contribute in a small way to the healthier environment.

When canning, try to follow the directions carefully. This is important in order to avoid some types of canning food contamination that can be risk to your health. But the most important thing is to primarily concentrate on choosing just the best fruits and vegetables on the market, not the waxed or pesticide ones, but true local, organic and ripe goodies to preserve their flavors in a jar for the months to come.

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