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Canning Sour Cherries

pop-top jar of sour cherries

Many people think that canning fruits and veggies is a tricky business, but in my experience, nothing can be further from the truth – especially the water bath canning. This preservation technique is easy, safe and it is a simple way to save the ripest and juiciest gifts of nature for those pale winter months. Many people also think that you need a fancy equipment, specially made just for water bath canning – and that’s great helping gear if you have lots of stuff to can, but I do it successfully without it. As a kid, I watched how my grandmother preserves sour cherries with my aunt Eva, who was …

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Canning and pickling

When we start with the preparation of canned food for the winter, we do not usually ask our self why. After all, we are living in a high-tech society and we have reached the stage of evolution when any kind of fresh food can be obtained any time of the day and throughout the whole year. But, the history of food tells us that since the ancient times, when the cultivation of plants began, people were trying to save some of the food for the winter months. And for few thousands of years, they sun dried their fruits and veggies. Back then, this was almost the only way to preserve …

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