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Raw Blackberry Flaxseed Jam

no sugar blackberry jam recipe

During the last autumn berry season, I found an interesting jam recipe posted by a lovely couple on their blog called Food view Berlin. It was fascinating for me to discover that this recipe doesn’t include any cooking or artificial thickeners like traditional jams do, and also it has no sugar – just a few ingredients that need to be grinded, mashed and mixed together, and after just a couple of hours this jam can be the main filling for your morning pancakes or thick spread on a favorite muffin. Although the recipe from the blog foodviewberlin uses raspberries as a main ingredient, I instantly thought on my blackberry bush, …

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Vegan Sour Cherry Strudel

healthy sour cherry pie

When the springtime is gently turning into the first real hot days of summer (hot in all-day-barefoot way), and the trees decide to change their enchanting flowers into the first voluptuous fruits, everyone knows that’s the time for a first true treat made from the fresh sour cherries. At least it was the case (still is) in my entire life, and I guess in the lives of many Europeans – especially in Hungary and Austria, where bakeries and coffee shops are famous for this kind of delicacy. Its name is the sour cherry strudel. Germans call it Weichselstrudel, and Hungarians Meggyes Rétes. Many cooks that I know make it with …

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Sour Cherry Carob Brownies

sour cherry dessert recipe

I have to admit that unlike most of the people, I prefer sour cherries rather than sweet ones. It all had to do with my parents’ garden and few big sour cherry trees, growing there proudly for many years. Actually, they have been in the garden since I can remember, and at first I liked to climb on them and eat chocolate bar in their crowns, and just later I started to appreciate their tiny gorgeous fruits. Nowadays, I go to visit my parents’ house each time when the sour cherries are in season, and I pick them with joy in large amount. There is one problem with them, though. …

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Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

healthy homemade truffles

There is no doubt – all the people love to eat chocolate truffles, and when you offer them your healthy homemade truffles they will easily go for the second and third delicious delight, while sipping a cup of coffee – even if they are on a diet. ;) Chocolate truffles are very easy to make – well, at least these chocolate hazelnut truffles are. You don’t have to bake them, you just need to mix all the ingredients together and roll the ball. So, even if you haven’t done one single dessert by yourself yet, you could make these hazelnut balls like a pro. Also, you can make the mixture, …

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Vegan Birthday Cake

layered vegan cake

Among all silly and quirky traditions in our lives, I think that only birthday somehow doesn’t lose its sparkles from the birth until our golden years :) So, even if we have some nice celebration with tea cookies on the table, a few brunches while munching the best thumbprint cookies, or even the craziest parties with lots of finger foods, jelly shots and rainbow colored pies, there’s just one super special day in a year for all of us, when all our loved people, closest family members and oldest friends gather, bringing you joy, some nice presents, with the best wishes and a sweet tooth turned on. And that’s the …

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Milk Soaked Chocolate Cake

I’ve just recently found out that one of my favorite songs Venus as a Boy was composed by Björk when she read the novel with the same title written by Luke Sutherland. I immediately started looking for this book on the internet, because I like Björk as an artist, and this came out to be a good recommendation. I liked her the first time I heard her on a radio as a kid. Although a pop musician, she has something unearthly in her enchanting voice, and I think, that if there are such creatures as fairies and elves, she could communicate with them through some of her songs. Anyway, there …

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Five o’clock Tea Cookies

It is well known that British people adore tea. By some researches they drink unbelievable 165 million cups of tea each day, so it is not surprise that somewhere in 17th Century they invented five o’clock tea custom. A fascination with this hot drink in United Kingdom started much earlier, with just a few bags of expensive tea leaves imported from China, which only aristocracy and upper class citizens could enjoy. They drank it usually in the coffee houses in the afternoon hours, talking about most important matters of the country. A few decades later citizens could also afford just a tiny amount of the tea leaves and enjoy this …

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Kringel – Estonian Sweet Bread

  I have to admit, when choosing some movie to watch with friends, I will always prefer some black and white old classic, a film made in some smaller country from a new director, or an inspiring documentary, rather than last Hollywood hit – not that they are no good, on the contrary, It’s just me and my wish to see this art form from all the offered angles. So, one rainy Friday afternoon, I was on the internet, looking for a documentary film to watch with my friend, and I stumbled upon interesting short film named Ode to Kringel, made by Kaisa Pitsi. In a second I was charmed …

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Vegan Coconut Apple Pie

Historians claim that the people baked pies since ancient times. Egyptians made the first pie, but the pies that were baked back then quite differed from the ones we enjoy today. The pie dough they made was almost inedible, and served them only as a protecting wrap from the direct fire impact during baking, and the pie filling was always some kind of meat. But luckily, the Romans carried on with this baking invention, and they were the first people that made a sweet pie. Gradually, the pie dish become known in entire Europe, then the rest of the world, and each country made a contribution to their perfect taste, …

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