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Mushroom Crust Quiche

Quiche is a great savory dish originated in Germany, and the French cooks were the ones that perfected these types of pies. They also created one of the most popular quiche in the world called the quiche Lorraine. Since then, many new variants of the quiche were invented by the chefs and cooks throughout the world. Many new ingredients were added instead of the ones found in classic or rustic quiches. But all of those creative modifications involved mainly the filling, and the crust had that same nice and familiar, but plain taste. For that reason, many cooks didn’t bother with the crust dough preparation; instead they would buy good …

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Pinto Bean Balls

  Pinto beans are such beautiful legumes; looking at them, it seems like each bean has different numbers and positions of dark red spots. Many, many years ago Spanish people named these legumes pinto beans, which literally means painted beans. And they really do look like some great artist decorated each one of the fabulous tiny seed. Unfortunately, people eat only cooked beans, and during the cooking process pinto beans loose their crazy spots. Nevertheless, they still offer us many nutritive goodies. Pinto beans are especially rich in dietary fibers and proteins, and being low in cholesterol, these bean balls are just the perfect food choice for vegetarians and vegans. …

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Vegan Moussaka

  Moussaka is well known traditional Mediterranean main course dish. Those of you, who are not from that part of the world, did not yet visited some of these countries, or are not familiar with the Mediterranean cuisine, I can say that moussaka is one type of layered casserole, and the Greek moussaka is probably the most famous and delicious moussaka throughout the world. If you had a chance to visit this beautiful country, you surely know that there are many types of this dish, and they differ not just from country to country, but from household to household as well. However, most of the moussaka recipes call for eggs, …

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