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Raw Blackberry Flaxseed Jam

no sugar blackberry jam recipe

During the last autumn berry season, I found an interesting jam recipe posted by a lovely couple on their blog called Food view Berlin. It was fascinating for me to discover that this recipe doesn’t include any cooking or artificial thickeners like traditional jams do, and also it has no sugar – just a few ingredients that need to be grinded, mashed and mixed together, and after just a couple of hours this jam can be the main filling for your morning pancakes or thick spread on a favorite muffin. Although the recipe from the blog foodviewberlin uses raspberries as a main ingredient, I instantly thought on my blackberry bush, …

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Chickpea Spread

Chickpeas, among many other legumes, were staple food of the Middle East since ancient times. They were first grown in the ancient Egypt, from where they have spread to Middle East, Africa, India, and today this humble crop is grown almost everywhere. However, until recently, these little peas were called “the food of the poor”, and they were mostly eaten by the lower class citizens. The famous hummus was also a peasant food until the twentieth century, when its popularity spread over the world. Now everybody enjoy it, you can purchase it pretty much everywhere, order it in a restaurant, or simply pick it from a supermarket shell. But when …

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