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Corn Cabbage Salad

corn slaw

I make this light salad when in a hurry; when no inspiration – corn cabbage salad, even when something sometimes aches I turn to this salad, but most frequently when I feel like I should eat something nutritious and healthy, I take out a head of cabbage, sharp knife and start chopping. So, you guessed it, this cabbage corn salad is my favorite dish – well, one of many, but I do make it quite often. I make it so frequently that I don’t need measuring spoons anymore, and over the years I even developed a few versions of this salad. Three, more precisely. They are all nice, and they all have the same basic ingredients, and depending on the …

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Vegan Chickpea Curry

I wish it would snow. This thought slips into my mind often these days, almost every morning, especially when I’m opening my blinds, hoping to see the first snowflakes falling, all fluffy, huge and tender at the same time – just like the first snowflakes should be – making streets beautiful and festive, turning naked trees and bushes into divine ice sculptures, brightening entire town. Since I was a child, the snow meant joy to me – a simple equation. Maybe because I was born on one day in December, or maybe because I had (and have) a snow dog that becomes crazy active with the first cold days, who …

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Lentil Celery Cobbler

In my little universe, for the last couple of days a harsh wind fiddled with great joy, leaving the trees almost bare. It finally calmed down yesterday, and the moment I looked outside a window, I knew I will have to take care of a large amount of fallen leaves. And leaves were all kind of weary, faded out of their color – just like the last few November days. It’s not that I don’t like November, but frequently its mornings just don’t have strength to develop fully, and I got the feel that night is lurking from each darker corner, sipping the intensity out of the nature’s bright colors. …

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Vegan Crescent Rolls with Sesame Seeds

Don’t you love preparing some nice dish that has an interesting story to it? Well, these little yeast pastry rolls certainly fall under that category, as they are wrapped in quite exciting myths and facts about their origin. Crescent rolls are very popular in all European countries, especially the ones that have been under control of the great Otoman Empire (Turkey). Back in the 16th and 17th Century, the Otoman Empire was one of the most powerful forces in the world, invading most of the Europe, parts of Asia and Africa, while other countries were under constant threat from their great army. One of the cities under the siege of …

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Baked Celery Fries

celery root recipe

Celery is an amazing vegetable that is whole eatable. It can be consumed raw, cooked or dried and many wise ancient nations knew that. Ayurwedic medicine recommended celery seeds for colds and indigestion and since ancient times Chinese people took celery as a treatment for high blood pressure. Greeks made celery wine which athletes drank before some important competition; elixir made from celery was considered an aphrodisiac and stalk with leaves represented symbol of fertility. And imagine this – modern scientists found out that celery contains androsterone, a pheromone released by sweat to attract opposite sex. Modern medicine uses celery seeds for its oil powerful effects which fight a number …

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Walnut Hazelnut Milk

There are so many recipes for the nut milk preparation on the internet and reading them you’ve got the feeling that they are all quite similar, with just a little twist here and there, but those small variations in the recipes are all worth trying out until you find your own favorite non-diary milk recipe. It is not known how it all began and who actually invented non-diary milk, but in a few past years it became favorite beverage to all of us through the raw food principles of life. Many people think that the nuts and seeds milk is some kind of a modern invention, but actually this kind …

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Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

easy to make vegan squash soup

I know that a butternut squash soup taste the best when the squash is first roasted and then cooked with other ingredients. But, I have to admit, I usually skip that step. Fortunately, there is a little catch that I learned, which makes cooked squash to have pretty similar taste as the roasted one, and I am satisfied with the end result, and other people that tried the soup says it too – I just hope that they were sincere ;)… So when you want to make beautiful vegan butternut squash soup, and for some reason you do not have the time to bake the squash (or as me, just …

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Vegan Moussaka

  Moussaka is well known traditional Mediterranean main course dish. Those of you, who are not from that part of the world, did not yet visited some of these countries, or are not familiar with the Mediterranean cuisine, I can say that moussaka is one type of layered casserole, and the Greek moussaka is probably the most famous and delicious moussaka throughout the world. If you had a chance to visit this beautiful country, you surely know that there are many types of this dish, and they differ not just from country to country, but from household to household as well. However, most of the moussaka recipes call for eggs, …

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Vegan Coconut Apple Pie

Historians claim that the people baked pies since ancient times. Egyptians made the first pie, but the pies that were baked back then quite differed from the ones we enjoy today. The pie dough they made was almost inedible, and served them only as a protecting wrap from the direct fire impact during baking, and the pie filling was always some kind of meat. But luckily, the Romans carried on with this baking invention, and they were the first people that made a sweet pie. Gradually, the pie dish become known in entire Europe, then the rest of the world, and each country made a contribution to their perfect taste, …

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Chickpea Spread

Chickpeas, among many other legumes, were staple food of the Middle East since ancient times. They were first grown in the ancient Egypt, from where they have spread to Middle East, Africa, India, and today this humble crop is grown almost everywhere. However, until recently, these little peas were called “the food of the poor”, and they were mostly eaten by the lower class citizens. The famous hummus was also a peasant food until the twentieth century, when its popularity spread over the world. Now everybody enjoy it, you can purchase it pretty much everywhere, order it in a restaurant, or simply pick it from a supermarket shell. But when …

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