portraittttHi, my name is Jasmin and I’m a freelance translator, private tutor and author of this personal website, which came to life with the help of my two dear friends Steve and Doby.

In a way, this virtual food adventure was predestined to be, since I was in love in food photography even when I didn’t knew that stuff existed as special photo category. I simply loved (still do) to take pictures of animals, nature, still life and nice food.

Although I am Slovak by nationality, I was born in Essen, a beautiful city in Germany, which name means to eat ;) and finally, I really wanted to write these pages to honor a memory of my mother Ana, who was a wonderful person and great culinary chef. She taught me all those little culinary secrets, like how to perfectly whisk an egg white, blanch broccoli, or how to cut an onion and don’t cry, and I’ll try to pass that knowledge to you, while making some healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes from the European cuisine…

If you have some ideas, thoughts or any questions regarding my work, please write a line or two in the comment section, or don’t hesitate to email me…


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