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Beet Juice

A small, humble and perfectly red vegetable from the title of this recipe is one of my favorite whole year round veggie beauties. I think there is not a single negative thing about the beetroot – quite in contrary. Beet has sooo much good stuff in it; it’s whole eatable; while it grows in your garden, it requires almost no attention, and my favorite part when talking about the beet is that it has some very nice stories and legends stacked to its name. Very long time ago beet was actually a seabeet, growing in Mediterranean area and people ate only its leaves. A legend says that when the Apollo …

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Walnut Hazelnut Milk

There are so many recipes for the nut milk preparation on the internet and reading them you’ve got the feeling that they are all quite similar, with just a little twist here and there, but those small variations in the recipes are all worth trying out until you find your own favorite non-diary milk recipe. It is not known how it all began and who actually invented non-diary milk, but in a few past years it became favorite beverage to all of us through the raw food principles of life. Many people think that the nuts and seeds milk is some kind of a modern invention, but actually this kind …

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