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Vegan Sour Cherry Strudel

healthy sour cherry pie

When the springtime is gently turning into the first real hot days of summer (hot in all-day-barefoot way), and the trees decide to change their enchanting flowers into the first voluptuous fruits, everyone knows that’s the time for a first true treat made from the fresh sour cherries. At least it was the case (still is) in my entire life, and I guess in the lives of many Europeans – especially in Hungary and Austria, where bakeries and coffee shops are famous for this kind of delicacy. Its name is the sour cherry strudel. Germans call it Weichselstrudel, and Hungarians Meggyes Rétes. Many cooks that I know make it with …

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Vegan Crescent Rolls with Sesame Seeds

Don’t you love preparing some nice dish that has an interesting story to it? Well, these little yeast pastry rolls certainly fall under that category, as they are wrapped in quite exciting myths and facts about their origin. Crescent rolls are very popular in all European countries, especially the ones that have been under control of the great Otoman Empire (Turkey). Back in the 16th and 17th Century, the Otoman Empire was one of the most powerful forces in the world, invading most of the Europe, parts of Asia and Africa, while other countries were under constant threat from their great army. One of the cities under the siege of …

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Turkish Bread

If you have ever visited Turkey, you surely noticed a specific sweet aroma in the air during early morning hours, and your nose probably guided you to one of the many small and cozy bakeries in this country, where bakers make many types of perfect Turkish bread and other delicious pastry goodies. With almost each meal in Turkey, there are few slices of fresh bread served, but for the breakfast, bread is the main star on the table, accompanied with just a couple of other things, like olives, feta cheese, sliced tomato and olive oil or butter. And older Greeks told me that this breakfast tradition has been this way …

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Kringel – Estonian Sweet Bread

  I have to admit, when choosing some movie to watch with friends, I will always prefer some black and white old classic, a film made in some smaller country from a new director, or an inspiring documentary, rather than last Hollywood hit – not that they are no good, on the contrary, It’s just me and my wish to see this art form from all the offered angles. So, one rainy Friday afternoon, I was on the internet, looking for a documentary film to watch with my friend, and I stumbled upon interesting short film named Ode to Kringel, made by Kaisa Pitsi. In a second I was charmed …

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