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Lemon Balm Zucchini Soup

dill zucchini soup

Creamy zucchini soup is something every household with at least one zucchini plant makes frequently during summer months – or it should be. You don’t even have to own a garden, it is enough to have a friend or neighbor with zucchini craze, and you will have a few zucchinis weekly on your table, I’m sure. This is because one humble plant produces abundance of zucchinis if there are enough sunny days in your part of the world. Italians have great climate for zucchini’s growth and I think they are the ones that invented this type of soup many moons ago ;) I suppose some gardener just looked around his …

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Rhubarb Mushroom Soup

With its big, fluffy leaves tucked in a bush, rhubarb is quite an interesting perennial plant, and in a way it is also a unique plant among all the other plants we use for cooking, because no other plant I can think of has only stalks eatable; some people consider it a vegetable, while in some countries it is classified as a fruit. Rhubarb is also one of those crazy plants that grow better in countries with colder climate, like Germany or Canada, where it is beautifying many garden corners and its distinctive zesty flavor enriches grandmothers’ cakes, muffins, pies and other desserts. Many of us had the privilege to …

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Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

easy to make vegan squash soup

I know that a butternut squash soup taste the best when the squash is first roasted and then cooked with other ingredients. But, I have to admit, I usually skip that step. Fortunately, there is a little catch that I learned, which makes cooked squash to have pretty similar taste as the roasted one, and I am satisfied with the end result, and other people that tried the soup says it too – I just hope that they were sincere ;)… So when you want to make beautiful vegan butternut squash soup, and for some reason you do not have the time to bake the squash (or as me, just …

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Carrot Soup

There are times, when you wake up during the winter, and the morning is all tucked in in some kind of melancholic atmosphere. There is no snow, no wind, birds calmly sit on their tree branches, and the sky is all dressed up in some kind of mono grey cloud-coat. And that is exactly the main thing for this kind of days. There is no sun… Well, in those days I like to make this simple, creamy and delicious carrot soup to cheer everybody up. And all that you need for this soup are few ingredients that can always be found in your kitchen, it is done in almost no …

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